Council Business




Councillors are summoned to a meeting to be held at 7.30pm on Tuesday 11th February 2020 at Bishops Frome Village Centre


2020/16 To receive apologies for absence
a) To receive declarations of interest from councillors on items on the agenda
b) To receive written requests for dispensations for disclosable pecuniary interests (if any)
c) To grant any requests for dispensation as appropriate

2020/17 To adopt the minutes of the previous meeting

2020/18 Public Participation

2020/19 Finance
19.1 Bank Reconciliation
Consider payment of:
19.2 Sez Electrics – Repair/Replace faulty lights at Sports Pavilion – £105.00
19.3 Community Garden – hedge plants/bulbs/building materials – £312.45
19.4 Assertion 5
19.5 Assertion 6
19.6 Consider estimate for Fromes Hill Field works

2020/20 Planning – see attached

2020/21 Ward Councillor Report

2020/22 Fromes Hill Report
22.1 Update on Fromes Hill Field

2020/23 Bishops Frome Report
23.1 Update on Village Centre request to transfer to CIO
23.2 Charge Point at Village Centre
23.3 Play Area Inspection – weekly checklist

2020/24 Smartwater Scheme

2020/25 Sports Committee Report

2020/26 Speed Watch Scheme

2020/27 Footpaths Officer Report

2020/28 Clerk/RFO Vacancy

2020/29 Great British Spring Clean 20/03/2020 – 13/04/2020

2020/30 To note the information sheet and date of next meeting

(Any other business will be included on the next meeting’s agenda unless very urgent and important. The Clerk must be given notice at least four clear days before the meeting)
Members of the Public, and the Press are welcome to attend.
Clerk Mrs Rowan Brooman, Hawkstone, Bishops Frome, Worcester, WR6 5AP 01885 490402