Council Business

Councillors are summoned to a meeting to be held at 7.30pm on Tuesday 13 July 2021 to be held Bishops Frome Village centre.

To receive apologies for absence

Declarations of interest
a) To receive declarations of interest from councillors on items on the agenda
b) To receive written requests for dispensations for disclosable pecuniary interests (if any)
c) To grant any requests for dispensation as appropriate

Suspend standing orders to allow members of the public to speak

Report from County Councillor – Ellie Chowns

To adopt the minutes of the previous meeting held on 8 June 2021 – attached

2021/084 Finance
084.1 Bank Reconciliation
Agree to raise quarterly rental to football club
Note receipt of Wayleave cheque from Western Power – £2.50
084.2 Payments for consideration including the following:
E-On monthly electricity charge – 21st June via Direct debit – £31.20
Sunderlands – 6 monthly sports ground rental – £350
All Season Landscaping and Groundworks – repair to playing field – £80
B.C Partridge – mower repair – £192.45
– diesel for mower – £117.72
G.B Skipp – replacement of gates on Fromes Hill Field – £2,335.20

2021/085 Planning
085.1 Decisions made since last meeting
P210388 – Woodcroft Farm, Bosbury HR8 1QJ, all weather turn out equestrian facility – approved with conditions – no flood lights and to be used for applicants personal use only
P212043/AM – land south of Wheatsheaf, Fromes Hill – amendments to house types and building material and remove pedestrian link to public house as well as road works to be completed after houses complete – this was approved
P212157/PA7 – prior approval, Wellington Farm, Bishops Frome. WR6 5BY – application for prior notification for proposed agricultural storage building – prior approval not required

085.2 Plans for consideration – some comments already submitted due to time constraints
P211849 – Warriners Cottage, Bishops Frome, WR6 5AU – proposed removal of window to front elevation and replacement with door to match windows. Removal of door to lobby and replacement with original window – Bishops Frome Parish Council raised no objections
P211603 – Coney Croft, Leadon Cottages road, Fromes Hill HR8 1HT – proposed variation to planning permission 180156 to amendment to approved plans to allow compliance of ‘luxury’ offering for agreed cattery with license for 36 cats – Bishops Frome Parish Council raised no objections
P211911 & P 211912/L – Greenwood Cottage, Bishops Frome WR6 5AS – proposed single storey rear extension – Bishops Frome Parish Council raised no objections

2021/086 Correspondence
086.1 correspondences for reference –attached – note Rail and Bus for Herefordshire Vision documents details to go in Parish Link
086.2 correspondences for consideration
Community Garden response to- The Queen’s Green Canopy in Herefordshire
Community Garden request from Platform Housing for them taking on additional land and request to add this to Parish Council insurance

2021/087 Affordable Housing
To receive update from Cllr J Pudge

2021/088 Section 106 Town/Parish Wish List
To receive any recommendations from Councillors as discussed at last meeting

2021/089 Fromes Hill Report
– Update on TRO – consider email from Cllr Chowns
– Update on new field gates and plans for possible future fencing from Cllr J Parker

2021/090 Bishops Frome Report
090.1 Bishops Frome Village Centre
– Wheelie Bins – report from Cllr A Morel
090.2 Parking in the Mudwalls Estate

2021/091 Sports Field
Update on actions from the letter from the Eveson Trust

2021/092 Footpaths Officer Report

2021/093 Public Transport and Charging points in Village
– Cllr S Fallas to lead discussion

2021/094 Date of next meeting
Date of next meeting – 14 September 2021

(Any other business will be included on the next meeting’s agenda unless very urgent and important. The Clerk must be given notice at least four clear days before the meeting)
Members of the Public and the Press are welcome to attend.

Clerk Mrs Nicola Carless, Magstones, Westmere, Hanley Swan, Worcs, WR8 0DG. 01684 311615 –