April 2021

Minutes of a meeting held remotely via Zoom at 7.30pm on Tuesday 20 April 2021


Present: Cllr A Nash (Chair), Cllr Partridge, Cllr M Pudge, Cllr W Pudge, Cllr C Sincock,
Cllr S Fallas, Cllr J Parker and Cllr A Morel
Also County Councillor Ellie Chowns
The Clerk – Nicola Carless

          2021/045 To receive apologies for absence
These were received from Cllr J Pudge.

          2021/046 Declarations of interest
a) To receive declarations of interest from councillors on items on the agenda
b) To receive written requests for dispensations for disclosable pecuniary interests (if any)
c) To grant any requests for dispensation as appropriate
Cllr R Partridge declared an interest in item 2021/50.2 and took no part in the vote.

          2021/047 Suspend standing orders to allow members of the public to speak
There were no members of the public present.

          2021/048 Report from County Councillor – Ellie Chowns
Cllr Chowns commented that she had extended her litter picking area and as COVID restrictions eased she would be considering setting up Parish Surgeries again. She reported on the High Court Judgement in which the children’s services provided by Herefordshire Council showed serious past failings, a Full Council meeting had been called to discuss these failings.
It was also noted that the new Chief Executive for Herefordshire Council would be starting at the beginning of May.
Cllr S Fallas asked about the speed monitoring taking place in the Fromes Hill area and Cllr Chowns said she would find about more information about it. Questions were also raised about the TRO to which Cllr Chowns encouraged the Council to complete the document as a petition could be completed and added to the application at a later date.

          2021/049 To adopt the minutes of the previous meeting held on 9 February 2021
These were accepted by the Council as a true record of proceedings and will be signed by the Chairman when circumstances allow.

          2021/050 Finance
050.1 Budget for 2021/22
The Clerk had circulated the budget figures for 2021/22 against the final expenditure figures for 2020/21. It was noted that the income figures need to be reconciled against the bank statements once they had arrived.
Agree budget for the Community Garden and consider payment of
The Council agreed that out of the budget for 2021/22, £1000 should be set aside to support the community garden and out of this it was agreed to pay C Jefferson for the expenditure as listed below.
£160.95 and £52.75(Bradford’s building supplies), £133.00 (The Hop Pocket Garden centre) and £52.80 (Say to with Wood.co.uk ) to C. Jefferson

050.2 Other payments for consideration:
ROSPA playground inspection – £99
B.C Partridge – diesel, mower battery and mowing hours – £194
The above invoices were agreed for payment. Cllr Partridge drew the Councillors’ attention to the increase expenditure by the football club on the purchase of diesel for the mower to cut the grass on the sports field.
Note payment of 2 Public Works loans – £2,302.64 and £1,464.64
The clerk shared information in relation to the statement of the 3 Public Works Loans that the Council has and outlined any financial risk to the Council.

          2021/051 Planning
051.1 Decisions made since last meeting
P194217 – Land South of the Wheatsheaf Inn – development of 20 dwellings, to allow changes to home types and materials – approved
P204607 – the Farm, Bishops Frome – proposed storage and workshop – had been withdrawn
051.2 Plans for consideration
P210710 – Warriners Cottage, Bishops Frome WR6 5AU – replacement of window with door on North elevation and removal of door on east elevation with window to match existing. This has subsequently been withdrawn.

          2021/052 Correspondence
052.1 correspondences for reference
An information sheet had been circulated
052.2 correspondences for consideration
The following was highlighted to Councillors
UK Community Renewal Fund – Call for proposals
Consultation on the Minerals and Waste Local Plan
Information from Keep Britain Tidy on the Spring Clean
Herefordshire Couriers Running Club requiring historical information on the club
Herefordshire Green – information on how to do local assessments on the greenhouse gases that are produced. Cllrs Fallas and Sincock asked to look at this email.

          2021/053 Neighbourhood Plan
To note any future plans for areas with the Lugg catchment area should be compliant with The Conservation of Species and Habitat Regulation 2017
The Council agreed that any review of the Neighbourhood Plan would need to wait until COVID restrictions had eased and until Herefordshire Council had made more progress on the Local policy reviews. Cllr J Pudge had noted in an email to the Clerk that any review would start at reg 14 and until a correct statement at reg15 could be made it would not be possible to move to the examiner at reg16.

          2021/054 Fromes Hill Report
Update on TRO
It was agreed that a working group should be set up to complete this application. Cllr Nash said he would write a letter from the Chair to go with any petition explaining why the petition was being circulated and why the support of local residents was required.
Replacement of gates on field
The clerk reported that one quotation had been received. Cllr Parker and Cllr Partridge would request a quotation from a local contractor. Once received a management meeting would be called.

          2021/055 Bishops Frome Report
055.1 Bishops Frome Village Centre change of status and request for comments on letter to residents.
The clerk had circulated to Councillors documents from the Village Centre Management committee. Councillors expressed their concern around the mandatory terms of office and the possibility of all Trustees terms of office ending at the same time. Cllr Morel said he would bring these concerns to the Management committee.
Cllr Nash was concerned about the management committee raising loans against the asset of the hall which could be called in if loan payments failed. Cllr Morel said he would check the ACRE protocol.
It was noted that the AGM of the management committee would be held at the end of June to elect a new committee.
055.2 hedge maintenance between Village centre carpark and Farm Court
It was agreed that maintenance is required with it being cut in the Autumn. The clerk was asked to see if its ownership could be confirmed as it was thought that the social housing company owed some of it.
055.3 ROSPA report – comments from Cllr M Pudge. Report from resident about lifting playground surface
Cllr M Pudge said that the report showed a few things that needed addressing. Cllr Partridge offered to carrying out some maintenance as well as looking at the lifting surface of the play area.
It was noted that the hole in the field had not been repaired.

          2021/056 Sports Field
Football club – approval to invoice the club for its use
Cllr Partridge reported that the football club was using the Parish Council mower to cut the sports field and charging the diesel to the Parish. He would establish their plans for going forward and report back at the next meeting.
The Clerk reported that the football club had only been invoiced for the use of the Sports ground once in 2020/21. It was agreed that a quarterly invoice for its use with a 50% discount should be raised and sent to the club.

          2021/057 Footpaths Officer Report
Cllr Sincock reported that there was nothing to report.

          2021/058 Date of next meeting
Confirm the date of the Annual Parish Meeting and Annual meeting of the Council
Date of next meeting – note May’s meeting will be in person
The Clerk was asked to enquiry of HALC and Herefordshire Council if future meetings should be held in person or face to face and to book the Annual meeting of the Parish in May.

The meeting closed at 9.05pm

Clerk Mrs Nicola Carless, Magstones, Westmere, Hanley Swan, Worcs, WR8 0DG. 01684 311615 – clerk@bishopsfromeparishcouncil.c