Draft Minutes

Minutes of a meeting held remotely via Zoom at 7.30pm on Tuesday 10 November 2020

Present: Cllr Nash (Chair), Cllr Partridge, Cllr J Pudge, Cllr M Pudge, Cllr W Pudge,
Cllr (Ms) Sincock, Cllr J Parker and Cllr Morel
Also County Councillor Ellie Chowns and
One member of the public and
The Clerk – Nicola Carless

2020/107 To receive apologies for absence
No apologises were received all Councillors were present.

2020/108 Declarations of interest
a) To receive declarations of interest from councillors on items on the agenda
b) To receive written requests for dispensations for disclosable pecuniary interests (if any)
c) To grant any requests for dispensation as appropriate
None were declared

2020/109 Public Participation
The Clerk had received a letter from Marie Gill a Mindfulness Mentor at Dream your Future Counselling requesting a donation towards a training course she wished to attend.
The Councillors agreed that this should be considered at the next meeting in January and her letter circulated to the Council
Cllr A Nash had received a letter from a resident about the speeding in Fromes Hill, this again would be considered at the next meeting and the letter circulated to the Council.

2020/110 To adopt the minutes of the previous meeting held on 13 October 2020
A copy of the draft minutes had been circulated to all councillors prior to the meeting. They were accepted as a true record and will be signed by Cllr Nash (Chair) when safe to do so.

2020/111 Finance
111.1 Bank Reconciliation – a copy of the bank reconciliation for October had been circulated to Councillors prior to the meeting. The bank reconciliation was reviewed and agreed by the Chairman and RFO to confirm the current balance held by the Parish Council @ 31/10/2020 is £35,160.52.
The bank reconciliation will be signed by the Chairman and Treasurer when safe to do so.
An independent councillor who is a non-cheque signatory, will sign the bank statement to confirm that the balance agreed to the Council’s accounting statement, when safe to do so.
The Treasurer asked permission to pay the outstanding invoices as listed below:
111.2 BeSecure –CCTV at Bishops Frome Centre – £971.26 (invoice SI-7329) and (invoice SI- 7395) – £3,612.60 for upgrade to Fire Alarm system
Permission to pay all invoices listed was agreed.

2020/112 Planning
There were 2 re-submissions for outline permissions at Yew Tree Farm, Fromes Hill.

P203476/O (land west of Yew Tree Farm) – Bishops Frome PC is consulted as the application adjoins the parish area
The Council raised no objections

P203457/O (Land at Yew Tree Farm) – Bishops Frome PC is consulted as application within parish
The Council raised no objections

2020/113 Ward Councillor Report
The Ward Cllr gave a report in which she said Herefordshire Council in this COVID lockdown situation was looking to support the community and businesses. She drew Councillors’ attention to a project to bring £25M to Hereford City, as well as budget consultation coming out over Christmas and a review of the current Waste Service contract that is coming to an end.
Locally speeding within the Fromes Hill area was an issue and she had received 2 letters from residents. The proposed speed monitoring in the area had been delayed due to the current restrictions.
She also confirmed that she had not received a priority list from the Council for the s106 monies coming from the housing development in Fromes Hill to benefit the community. The amount available was £52K.
The Councillors confirmed their priorities in the following order
a) Reduce speed limit from 40mph to 30mph with associated speed cameras and an extension of the 30mph zone
b) A road crossing from the Wheatsheaf public house to the garage
c) Speed indicator signs (SIDs)
d) Gates at either side of the village to slow traffic and to physically demark the village boundaries.
The clerk was asked to put these forward to the s106 team at Hereford stressing that the money spent on any survey work to be minimal.
Cllr J Pudge had received a communication from a resident about the use of the Green Dragon’s own private garden as an extension to the pub’s beer garden during these COVID restrictions and if the relevant planning permission would be required. Cllr Chowns said she would consult with the planning department at Herefordshire Council.

2020/114 Councillor Vacancy
A member of the public addressed the meeting. Susan Black wished to be considered for the vacant position and gave a short report about herself. Susan has lived locally for over 40 years has worked in the voluntary and care sector, she is interested in working with the Parish plan and has concerns over the speeding within Frome Hill area.
The member of the public left the zoom call
The Councillors discussed this candidate and agreed to co-opt her onto the Council. The clerk will complete the paperwork as required.

Both Cllr E Chowns and Cllr J Parker left the meeting

2020/115 Consider time extension for zoom calls
Cllr A Nash reported that he would set up a license for zoom to enable smoother the Council meetings once he received the Council’s VAT number from the clerk

2020/116 Fromes Hill Report
Fromes Hill Field – Cllr R Partridge reported that due to the current restrictions a meeting hadn’t taken place, however he would obtain 3 quotations for constructing the turning circle as required.

2020/117 Bishops Frome Report
It was noted that the dog waste bins in the village were overflowing as they hadn’t been emptied for some time. The Clerk offered to contact the relevant person at Herefordshire Council.
102.1 Bishops Frome Village Centre change of status – Cllr A Morel reported that he had had communications with a member of the village centre management committee in an effort to move discussions forward. It was thought useful if examples of other management arrangements like the one being proposed at the centre could be found.
The Council proposed a meeting date of the 8 December 2020 at which Cllr A Nash and
Cllr J Pudge would represent the Council.
102.2 Cameras and CCTV – Cllr Morel advised that the CCTV and cameras were installed.

2020/118 Sports Committee Report
118.1 Valuation of Sports Pavilion for insurance purposes – Cllr J Pudge had obtained this and passed it to the Clerk.
Cllr Partridge reported that he hadn’t had feedback on the door to the electric meter which had been smashed.

2020/119 Community Resilience Plan
The Clerk advised the Council that she had been given some information regarding a resilience plan. Cllr J Pudge offered to look at these notes.

2020/120 Footpaths Officer Report (FPO)
120.1 Accessibility for All – Cllr C Sincock explained that the idea was to make popular footpaths in the village more accessible to all by replacing stiles with gates and or improving the surface of the path. After discussion it was agreed that the footpath past the Church to the river and up to Halmonds Frome could be put forward as it was a popular route and had a lot of stiles that could be replaced.
The FPO advised that the footpath by Doves Hills was still blocked and would approach the landowner.
2020/106 To note the information sheet and date of next meeting
The Clerk drew attention to the items on the information sheet and confirmed that the next meeting will be on Tuesday 12 January 2021.

There being no further business, the meeting concluded at 21:00.

Signed by the Chairman date

………………………………… ………………

Bank reconciliation 31. 10. 20