Minutes 10th April 2018

 Minutes of a meeting held at 7.30pm on Tuesday 10th April 2018 at Bishops Frome Village Centre

Present: Cllr Nash (Chair), Cllr Partridge, Cllr Guise, Cllr Ms Sincock, Cllr Pudge, Cllr Mrs Roberts and Cllr Hydes.
Mr Brooman, the Council’s Treasurer was also present.

2018/38 To receive apologies for absence
Apologies had been received from Cllr Parker.
Cllr Marshall was not present and he has not been in contact regarding his extended absence. Cllrs therefore asked the Clerk to write to him to advise him that his position has lapsed and asked her also to advertise the vacant position.

2018/39 To receive declarations of interest and written requests for dispensation
There were no declarations of interest.

2018/40 To adopt the minutes of the previous meeting
A copy of the draft minutes had been circulated to all councillors prior to the meeting. They were accepted as a true record and signed by Cllr Nash (Chair).

2018/41 Public Participation
There were 2 members of the public present.
A member of the public wanted to address the Parish Council for advice concerning a Public Footpath running along the back of their garden. They had seen a party of ramblers walking behind their garden and wanted to confirm the route and maintenance responsibilities as it has become very overgrown. Cllrs advised them that they had been trying to get the footpath cleared by contacting the landowner but to date no clearance work had begun. The member of the public said that he would be happy to trim the hedge and make the path clear for walkers himself and agreed to speak to the landowner and see if he would be happy with this.
The 2 members of the public left the meeting.
Ward Cllr Chowns arrived.

2018/42 Neighbourhood Plan
Cllr Pudge was pleased to report that the referendum results were in and 94.5% of voters supported the Neighbourhood Development Plan.
We have now entered into a consideration period where checks are made to ensure that everything has been dealt with lawfully.
Thanks were given to Councillor Pudge for all his hard work in producing the NDP.

2018/43 Finance
The Treasurer explained the statement of account and financial reports that had been issued to councillors prior to the meeting and Cllr Guise, an independent councillor who is a non-cheque signatory, checked the bank statement and agreed the balance to the council’s account statements.
The Treasurer advised councillors that the minimum wage has been increased to £7.83 per hour and councillors agreed that this should now be used for future litter picking invoices.
43.1 The Treasurer then advised councillors that a Grant request had been received for churchyard maintenance from St Matthews Church, Fromes Hill.
The Clerk reminded Cllrs of the NALC Legal Briefing L01-18 – Financial Assistance to the Church and HALC’s recommendation based in this briefing, that Parish Council’s cannot safely support the Church financially as there is no legal power to do so. Councillors considered the risk and decided to agree to make a grant of £500.00 towards the cost of churchyard maintenance and asked the Treasurer to raise a cheque.

2018/44 Planning
44.1 P180836/F Groves Head Cottage, Acton Beauchamp, WR6 5AQ
Proposed detached garage with studio above to replace existing garage.
Cllr Guise visited the property. The garage cannot be seen from the road. He visited neighbouring properties and there were no objections. Cllrs discussed the application and agreed that it should receive the support of the Parish Council.

2018/45 Fromes Hill Report
45.1 Traffic calming – moving of 40mph speed signs. Following the Parish Council enquiries a message has now been received from Balfour Beatty explaining the way forward, advising that we should firstly contact our Locality Steward. Ward Cllr Chowns said that she had spoken to the Locality Steward and he had referred her back to the Safer Roads Partnership. Cllrs suggested that a site meeting be arranged between all parties. Cllr Chowns said that she would look in to this.
45.2 Fromes Hill Field – Cllr Partridge advised councillors that he had been contacted by a representative of the Church as there was some confusion over the fees. He is going to speak to the solicitor to try to sort it out. There is also a query regarding the Church access over the land once their portion has been separated. A meeting of the Field Committee is to be arranged.

2018/46 Bishops Frome Report
46.1 Village Gateway – The Clerk confirmed that she has now received a quote for a “Welcome to Bishops Frome, Please Drive Carefully” sign. To supply and install one sign will be £558.47. There are 4 entries to the village and she has asked if additional signs could be discounted as they will already be on site but has not yet received a reply. She is also going to contact Yvonne Coleman regarding using the s.106 monies to finance the signs.
46.2 Broadfield Close grass area – Cllr Guise reported that after several positive meetings with Fortis, everything has now gone very quiet. He is trying to obtain a formal letter from Fortis confirming that they are going to agree to lease the land to the Parish Council before proceeding any further. Cllrs asked the Clerk to write to Fortis and ask for a letter confirming that they are going to lease the land to the Parish Council.
46.3 Village Centre Noticeboard – Cllr Mrs Roberts is arranging for a new Noticeboard to be made for outside Bishops Frome Village Centre. She is arranging a Bingo session to pay for the Noticeboard.
46.4 Chains on Play Area Field – Cllr Partridge advised councillors that the chains have been broken and require replacement. Cllrs discussed the matter and agreed that some replacement chains of a stronger specification should be purchased. Cllr Partridge agreed to source new chains.
46.5 Community Speed Watch Scheme – The Clerk confirmed that the process to see if we are eligible for the Speed Watch scheme has begun. The first step is Data Collection and a request has been submitted. This will take a while as there are several requests in and each one takes a week. Once the results are received we will be contacted to discuss the way forward.
46.6 Grit bin for Parsonage Crescent – Ward Cllr Chowns advised Cllrs that she had spoken to the Locality Steward and he confirmed that a grit bin could be made available but a suitable site needed to be confirmed.

The Clerk advised councillors that she had spoken to The Community Protection Team regarding the dog fouling issues and they are compiling a list of areas to patrol in Herefordshire and anyone caught will receive an instant fine. They have advised that if there are any known offenders they are happy to do a home visit.
Cllr Pudge advised councillors that his research led him to believe that the hedge between Farm Court and the Play Area field is owned by Fortis. The Clerk was asked to contact them to see if they are happy for us to trim it as it has become overgrown and untidy.
Councillors reported that they had received complaints that vehicles parking outside the Rosary were causing traffic difficulties for vehicles approaching and leaving the shop and Village Centre. The Clerk was asked to check who owns that stretch of road.
Councillor Partridge advised Cllrs that he had received notification from Western Power that they were going to trim some of the trees on the Play Area field.

2018/47 Sports Committee Report
The fence has been replaced as agreed and councillors agreed that the whole area looks much tidier. A representative of Bromyard Football Club had been in touch to say that some of the netting had come down as a couple of posts had broken off. Councillor Pudge said that he would source some replacement posts.
A meeting of the Sports Committee is being arranged.

2018/48 GDPR
The Clerk updated councillors on GDPR. She explained that she had been on a course at Hereford Council and was attending a further course at HALC on 11th April.
She advised councillors that there is quite a bit of work to do and old records need to be reviewed with a view to destroying records that no longer need to be kept and consideration needs to be given to depositing some old records with HARC. Cllrs agreed that old records could be destroyed in line with HARC’s retention guidelines.
She advised that she had started a data audit and ordered replacement keys for the filing cabinets.
She said that it is recommended that councillors have a separate email address for council business to reduce the chance of accidental data breaches. Care needs to be taken when discussing confidential matters at public meetings and any council business involving data should not be discussed outside a council meeting.
She confirmed that the Parish Council is the Data Controller and the Clerk is the Data Processer, processing data in accordance with council instructions.
Various new policies need to be drawn up and placed on the website, such as a Data Protection Policy and Privacy Policy.
The GDPR guidelines for Village Centres received from Herefordshire Council had been forwarded to the Secretary of Bishops Frome Village Centre on 7th April 2018.

2018/49 There but Not There
Councillor Guise gave a brief presentation on this scheme and asked Cllrs if they thought this was something we could get involved in. His idea was to purchase one or two of the Tommy Figures to sight in the Lych Gate at St Mary’s Church at a cost of £700- £1400. Cllr Pudge explained that the church are looking at refurbishing this area and perhaps the two matters could be considered together. He agreed to investigate.

2018/50 Herefordshire Heartstart
The Clerk advised councillors that she had received a letter from Herefordshire Heartstart, a small local charity teaching members of the public basic skills in emergency life support. She asked Cllrs if anyone was interested in attending a course to let her know.

2018/51 Ward Councillor Report
Ward Cllr Chowns advised Cllrs that her surgery and ward tour were quite successful and she will email out a full report. Other surgeries in the ward are planned.
She also explained that she has agreed to participate in a task and finish group for potholes.

2018/52 Footpaths Officer Report
Cllr Ms Sincock advised Cllrs that she had nominated herself to attend a course for Footpaths Officers. She also explained that she was looking in to obtaining replacement stiles/kissing gates for the path across the Fromes Hill Field. Cllr Partridge said he would take another look at them to see if they can be repaired.

2018/53 To note the information sheet and date of next meeting
The Clerk drew attention to the items on the Information Sheet with particular reference to the latest training schedule received from HALC.
The next meeting will be held at 7pm on Tuesday 8th May 2018 at Bishops Frome Village Centre and will consist of the Annual Parish Meeting, the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council and the Ordinary Meeting of the Parish Council.

There being no other business the meeting concluded at 21.30.