Minutes 11th September 2018

 Minutes of a meeting held at 7.30pm on Tuesday 11th September 2018 at Bishops Frome Village Centre

Present: Cllr Nash (Chair), Cllr Partridge, Cllr Guise, Cllr Pudge, Cllr Parker and Cllr Mrs Sevastopulo.
Mr Brooman, the Council’s Treasurer was also present.

2018/109 To receive apologies for absence
Apologies had been received from Cllr Ms Sincock, Cllr Mrs Roberts and Cllr Hydes.

2018/110 To receive declarations of interest and written requests for dispensation
Cllr Partridge declared an interest in Agenda items 2018/114.6, 114.7,114.8 and 114.9. An entry was made in the register and signed by Cllr Partridge.

2018/111 To adopt the minutes of the previous meeting
A copy of the draft minutes had been circulated to all councillors prior to the meeting. They were accepted as a true record and signed by Cllr Nash (Chair).

2018/112 Public Participation
There were 2 members of the public present to represent Bishops Frome Village Centre for agenda item 2018/113.

2018/113 Presentation by Tony Davis on behalf of Bishops Frome Village Centre regarding change of charitable status
A presentation was given to councillors by Tony Davis, Secretary of the village centre, explaining how the management committee felt changing their charitable status to that of Charitable Incorporated Organisation would benefit the centre. The main reason they want to change is to take personal responsibility away from the trustees and pass it to the organisation, providing they have acted within the law, so that in the event of a problem it would be the company that would be held to account. He explained that they do have insurance to cover them, but it is not sufficient for purpose. They wish to use the existing Trust Deed as the founding document. The cost to set up this new status will be in the region of £3000.00-£4000.00.
A document explaining more about the CIO status was left for councillors to consider.
The 2 representatives from the Village Centre Committee then left the meeting.
Councillors briefly discussed the matter and agreed to review the Incorporation document and review at the next meeting.

2018/114 Finance
114.1 Assertion 2 – we maintained an adequate system of internal control including measures designed to prevent and detect fraud and corruption and reviewed its effectiveness. The Treasurer explained to councillors the measures in place and councillors agreed this assertion was being met. The Treasurer advised councillors that he would like to bring in an additional check for cash transactions to cover for example donations received from the Fish & Chip Van. It was agreed that Councillor Mrs Roberts who received the cash, would initial the bank statement to confirm the cash credits.
114.2 External Auditor’s Report. The Treasurer confirmed that he had received the completed audit report and there were no areas of concern.
114.3 Cleaning up the Lych-gate. Cllr Pudge reminded councillors that we are approaching the Centenary Remembrance Sunday events and it was suggested that the Lych-gate be cleaned up prior to this. Earlier in the year Cllrs had discussed the purchase of a Tommy silhouette from the There but Not There range. It was agreed to purchase a 6ft Tommy for approx. £750.00 and set aside a further £250.00 towards the cost of cleaning up the Lych-gate. Cllr Guise agreed to source the Tommy.
The Treasurer ran through the statement of account and budget report to 31st August and asked permission to pay the outstanding invoices as listed below. Councillors agreed that they should all be paid.
114.4 HALC – GDPR course – £30.00
114.5 P Eaton – litter picking – £140.94
114.6 B C Partridge Ltd – Diesel – £20.00
114.7 B C Partridge – Mowing 6 hours x £8.00 – £48.00
114.8 B C Partridge – Concrete for posts at Play Area – £14.28
114.9 B C Partridge – VAT for chain (omitted from invoice 2018/46.4) – £14.34
114.10 PKF Littlejohn LLP – External Auditors – £200.00
Cllr Guise an independent councillor who is a non- cheque signatory, signed the bank statement to confirm that the balance agreed to the Council’s accounting statement.

2018/115 Planning
115.1 P182773/F Country Curl Hairdressers, Bishops Frome
Proposed change of use of former hairdressing salon to form self-contained one bedroom cottage.
Cllr Guise reported that he had visited the neighbours and heard no objections, in fact people were generally pleased that the building would be in use again.
Councillors agreed to support this application.
Since the agenda had been prepared a further planning application had been received
P182277 The Furlongs, Fromes Hill which is a retrospective application for a temporary agricultural workers dwelling (mobile home). This is a renewed application of P171270 where councillors were trying to establish the location of a 7 acre plot of land referred to in the agents report. Cllrs asked the clerk to contact planners and request the ordnance survey grid reference of the land before they deal with this application.

Cllr Mrs Sevastpulo left the meeting and Ward Cllr Ellie Chowns joined the meeting.
The Ward Councillors report was moved up the agenda.

2018/120 Ward Councillor Report
Ward Cllr Chowns encouraged Cllrs to have a look at the Hereford Budget Consultation and put comments on the website.
She spoke about the closure of the B4214 Ledbury Road while bridge repairs are to be carried out and encouraged Cllrs to put their thoughts to Balfour Beatty. Cllrs asked the Clerk to contact Balfour Beatty and request the works be delayed until the New Year. Their two main areas of concern were the volume of farm traffic taking apples and potatoes on that route and the damage to trade for local businesses in the run up to Christmas.

Ward Cllr Chowns reported that her Friday evening surgeries in the Chase and Green Dragon in Bishops Frome had gone well.
Ward Cllr Chowns left the meeting.

2018/116 Pothole repairs and other Public Realm Services
Cllrs requested to carry this item forward to the next agenda as comments were not required until 2nd November.

2018/117 Fromes Hill Report
117.1 Update on Fromes Hill Land – Cllr Partridge reported that 3 queries had been raised by the church and responses had been sent to our solicitor but he is currently on holiday.
117.2 Update on traffic calming TRO – Cllr Nash advised councillors that he had received a quote of £1015.75 for the survey required by Balfour Beatty to investigate moving the 40mph signs further towards Hereford. Cllrs felt this charge was excessive and asked the Clerk to ask Ward Cllr Chowns for her input.

2018/118 Bishops Frome Report
118.1 Village centre request to change status – see 2018/113
118.2 Update on village gateway – the Clerk confirmed that she had now received a quote for the supply and fitting of 4 signs, one on each entrance to the village. The signs will read “Bishops Frome. Please drive carefully” and will be mounted on two posts per sign just in front of the 30mph speed signs. The total cost will be £2336.23. £1915.65 will come from the s.106 monies, leaving £420.60 to be paid by the Parish Council. Cllrs asked the Clerk to request Balfour Beatty go ahead with the signs on this basis.
118.3 Play Area and surrounding field – Cllr Parker and Cllr Partridge advised that they had trimmed the hedge and some of the trees.
It was reported that dead flowers from the churchyard had been placed in the Play Area bins again. Cllr Pudge said that he would speak to the PCC at their next meeting and arrange for some notices to be put up.
Cllr Partridge confirmed that the new dog bin had been installed and the replacement chains had been put up.
Providing there is no further damage to the seat on the aerial runway, the new seat will be fitted.
118.4 Community garden – Cllr Hydes had sent a message to say that he had spoken to someone who was interested in the garden. They knew someone who was happy to mow and strim as a one off and he was looking in to options for its future. Cllrs agreed that if it was kept on top of now, it would be ok until after the winter when the situation could be reviewed.

2018/119 Sports Committee Report
Cllr Parker advised that a meeting had taken place with Bromyard Football Club and a way forward had been agreed with the advertising boards. The boards will be attached to the boundary fence facing inwards at a maximum size of 160cm x 45cm and they will be backed with plywood to help strengthen the signs and blend in with the fence. Bromyard FC had originally suggested an 80/20 split on revenue from the boards but the Sports Committee had argued for a higher percentage and were awaiting the outcome of negotiations.
There was a discussion about the entrance signs and councillors agreed that it was their responsibility to provide entrance signs and then the football club can add to the signs in the future. It was agreed to investigate some designs.
The Clerk reported that complaints had been made about the Burger Van leaving fat deposits behind which were attracting the dogs. Cllr Parker had also been made aware of this and had spoken to the owner of the van.
Cllr Guise reported that the dog bin at the sports field had been taken off the post and moved to under the hedge. Cllr Parker said that he would take a look and get it moved back.

2018/120 Ward Councillor Report – see above

2018/121 GDPR – ongoing

2018/122 Footpaths Officer Report – nothing to report

2018/123 To note the information sheet and date of next meeting

The clerk drew attention to the items on the information sheet and asked if anyone wished to attend the PC summit on 17/10/2018. No councillors wished to attend.
The next meeting will be held at Bishops Frome Village Centre on Tuesday 9th October.

There being no other business the meeting concluded at 21:10.