Minutes 12th November 2019

Minutes of a meeting held at 7.30pm on Tuesday 12th November 2019 at Bishops Frome Village Centre

Presentation – We don’t buy any crime/ Smartwater Protected Towns & Villages
by West Mercia police
A presentation was given explaining the Smartwater scheme, its success rate, costings, assistance available and roll out procedure. Councillors agreed to discuss the matter further when finance was being reviewed in preparation for next year’s precept calculations 2019/141.2.

Present: Cllr Nash (Chair), Cllr Partridge, Cllr Ms Sincock, Cllr J Pudge, Cllr M Pudge, Cllr W Pudge and Cllr Morel.
Mr Brooman, the Council’s Treasurer was also present.

2019/137 To receive apologies for absence
Apologies had been received from Cllr Hydes and Cllr Parker.

2019/138 Declarations of interest
a)To receive declarations of interest from councillors on items on the agenda
Cllr Partridge declared an interest in Agenda items 2019/141.5, 141.6 & 141.7. An entry was made in the register and signed by Cllr Partridge.
b) To receive written requests for dispensations for disclosable pecuniary interests (if any)
c) To grant any requests for dispensation as appropriate

2019/139 To adopt the minutes of the previous meeting
A copy of the draft minutes had been circulated to all councillors prior to the meeting. They were accepted as a true record and signed by Cllr Nash (Chair).

2019/140 Public Participation
There were no members of the public present.

2019/141 Finance
141.1 Bank Reconciliation – a copy of the bank reconciliation had been circulated to Councillors prior to the meeting. The bank reconciliation was reviewed and signed by the Chairman and RFO to confirm the current balance held by the Parish Council is £28866.87.
Cllr W Pudge, an independent councillor who is a non-cheque signatory, signed the bank statement to confirm that the balance agreed to the Council’s accounting statement.
141.2 Precept 2020/2021 – The Treasurer had prepared figures showing expenditure for last year, expenditure this year to date and estimated expenditure to 31/03/2020, which had been forwarded to councillors for consideration prior to the meeting. Councillors went through the various categories estimating expenditure in each area for the year ahead. It is recommended that an allowance is made for any possible election costs, but councillors did not feel it necessary to do this. They decided to put aside money to implement the Smartwater scheme. Money was also set aside towards the Fromes Hill Field works. Cllrs also agreed to increase the Clerks salary and Treasurers honorarium.
141.3 Assertion 1 – We have put in place arrangements for effective financial management during the year, and for the preparation of the accounting statements – the Treasurer explained the measures taken to ensure the conditions of this assertion were met. Cllrs agreed the conditions were being met.
141.4 Assertion 2 – We maintain an adequate system of internal control including measures designed to prevent and detect fraud and corruption and reviewed its effectiveness – the Treasurer explained the measures taken to ensure the conditions of this assertion were met. Cllrs agreed the conditions were being met.

There were three invoices outstanding and the Treasurer asked permission to pay them all.
141.5 B C Partridge – Mowing – £32.00
141.6 B C Partridge – Diesel – £49.17
141.7 B C Partridge – Diesel – £53.33
Councillors confirmed that all the invoices could be paid.

2019/142 Planning – There were no new planning applications.

2019/143 Ward Councillor Report
The Ward Councillor had sent a report via email which had been circulated to councillors prior to the meeting.

2019/144 Fromes Hill Report
144.1 Update on Fromes Hill Field – Councillor Partridge advised councillors that he was still having trouble speaking to the solicitors despite numerous attempts to call them. He will try to find out what stage proceedings are at ready for our next meeting in January.

2019/145 Bishops Frome Report
145.1 Update on Village Centre request to transfer to CIO – there had been difficulty in agreeing a date when all parties could meet. The Clerk was asked to contact the secretary of BFVC Committee and request a meeting on Monday 16th December at BFVC.
145.2 Litter bins in Play Area – Cllr Partridge is still working on repairing the bin liners. Rubbish bags and church flowers are still being left by the bin in the Play Area. Cllrs discussed the matter but decided to review the situation in the spring as they thought it wouldn’t be such an issue over winter months.

The Clerk advised councillors that the ‘TOMMY’ soldier silhouette purchased last year was only insured for public liability and asked if councillors wanted it to be fully insured. Any claim would be subject to a £250.00 excess. Cllrs agreed that so long as public liability was covered, they were happy with the existing cover.
Cllr Partridge advised councillors that he had been approached about a tree in Bishops Frome which is losing branches and may require attention. Cllrs were not sure as to the ownership of the land the tree was on, but it is not parish council land. Cllr J Pudge said that he would look in to the matter.
There was a general discussion about trees on parish council land especially relating to the area around the Play Area and old cricket pitch. Cllrs agreed that the trees were regularly reviewed for example when mowing of the grass is carried out, and that they had been fairly recently pollarded. It was agreed to ask Cllr Parker to review the trees in this area. He had already agreed to look at the trees in the Community Garden.

2019/146 Sports Committee Report
146.1 Risk Assessment – Cllr W Pudge advised that he had completed a risk assessment of the Sports Pavilion and Sports Field. He briefly explained the content and pointed out areas for further consideration. There were no high risk areas. Full copies of the risk assessment will be forwarded to all members of the Sports Committee. Points raised will be discussed at the next meeting of the Sports Committee where any action required can be agreed.
A letter had been received from Bromyard Football Club stating that they would like to put a metal container for storage in the area behind the pavilion. They wanted to confirm that this had been agreed, which it had. They have yet to find a suitable container and wondered if Cllrs knew of any suitable containers.

2019/147 SID’s and Speed Watch Scheme
Cllr Ms Sincock advised that there had been a Speed Watch Scheme training session but unfortunately there have not been sufficient volunteers to run the scheme at present. Cllrs agreed to promote the Speed Watch Scheme to try to encourage more volunteers.
The SID’s scheme is being put on hold pending traffic safety proposals for the Fromes Hill development.

2019/148 Neighbourhood Planning/Core Strategy Workshop
Cllr Ms Sincock advised that she had attended the workshop and gave feedback to councillors with particular reference to reviewing our Neighbourhood Plan. A copy of the training notes had been received and forwarded to all councillors for information purposes. It had already been agreed that our Neighbourhood Plan be reviewed next spring due to settlement boundary issues. This new information explained how this could be completed. It was noted that Hereford Council are looking at a new Core Strategy.

2019/149 GDPR
The Clerk confirmed that the new filing cabinet was in place and the records were being sorted.

2019/150 Footpaths Officer Report
Cllr Ms Sincock advised councillors that footpath BPF2 had been officially re-routed. This is only a small alteration, too small to be amended on our map due to scale.

2019/151 To note the information sheet and date of next meeting
The Clerk drew attention to the items on the Information sheet and confirmed that the date of the next meeting is 14th January 2020.

The Clerk advised councillors that Balfour Beatty have stated that they will provide one tonne of salt free of charge for use by the parish if we can store somewhere dry. Cllrs agreed they would like to take advantage of this and asked the clerk to find out how it would be delivered in order to decide on the best place to store it.

There being no other business, the meeting concluded at 21:35.

Bank Recon 31st October 2019