Minutes 14th August 2018

 Minutes of a meeting held at 7.30pm on Tuesday 14th August 2018 at Bishops Frome Village Centre

Present: Cllr Nash (Chair), Cllr Partridge, Cllr Guise, Cllr Mrs Roberts, Cllr Pudge and Cllr Parker.
Cllr Ms Sincock joined the meeting part way through.
Mr Brooman, the Council’s Treasurer was also present.

2018/96 To receive apologies for absence
Apologies had been received from Cllr Mrs Sevastopulo and Cllr Hydes.

2018/97 To receive declarations of interest and written requests for dispensation
Cllr Partridge declared an interest in Agenda items 2018/101.4 & 101.5. An entry was made in the register and signed by Cllr Partridge.

2018/98 To adopt the minutes of the previous meeting
A copy of the draft minutes had been circulated to all councillors prior to the meeting. They were accepted as a true record and signed by Cllr Nash (Chair).

2018/99 Public Participation
There were no members of the public present.

2018/100 Ward Councillor Report
The Ward Councillor had not yet arrived at the meeting and therefore this item was moved down the agenda, pending her arrival.

2018/101 Finance
101.1 Assertion 1 – Financial Management and preparation of accounting statements.
The Treasurer explained what was expected to satisfy the auditors regarding this assertion and confirmed that the accounting statements were prepared in accordance with the accounts and audit regulations. Cllrs agreed that this assertion was being completed correctly.
The Treasurer updated councillors on the current situation regarding the Council’s finances and asked for permission to pay the outstanding invoices as listed below.
Consider payment of:
101.2 Glasdon – dog bin – £208.78
101.3 Glasdon – dog bin bags – £31.89
101.4 BC Partridge – diesel – £43.53
101.5 BC Partridge – mowing – £24.00
101.6 Welsh Water – Sports Pavilion water – £27.55
Councillors agreed that all invoices should be paid.
Cllr Guise, an independent councillor who is a non-cheque signatory, signed the bank statement to confirm that the balance agreed to the Council’s accounting statement.

2018/102 Planning
There were no new planning applications this month.

2018/103 Fromes Hill Report
103.1 Update on Fromes Hill Field – Cllr Partridge advised the he had been to see our solicitor. Our solicitor has now spoken to the solicitor representing the Church and confirmed that the outstanding queries regarding the land have now been resolved and he feels matters can now move forward.
103.2 Update on traffic calming TRO – Cllr Nash, Chairman, advised that he had received an acknowledgement of receipt of the TRO application.

2018/104 Bishops Frome Report
104.1 Village Centre request to change charitable status – The Clerk advised councillors that she had spoken to Lynda at HALC, who had advised that as far as they could see there was no problem with the Village Centre changing their status to that of Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) and this would remove the Parish Council from being Custodian Trustees. She was awaiting confirmation of their recommendations in writing.
Cllrs were not sure what benefits the management team of the Village Centre were going to get from this action and Cllr Mrs Roberts advised that it could cost £5000 to complete the transfer. Cllrs therefore agreed to invite a representative from the Bishops Frome Village Centre Management Committee to the next meeting to explain the costs and benefits so that they could consider the matter further. The Clerk agreed to contact the secretary of the committee to arrange this.
104.2 Update on Village Gateway – The Clerk advised that she had received another email from Balfour Beatty on 8th August showing the design for the new village signs and asking if we wished to proceed with a quote. We had already requested a quote following the designs received on 3rd July and the Council’s subsequent discussion of Balfour Beatty’s proposal at the Council meeting on 10th July. The quote has therefore been chased again.

Cllr Ms Sincock and Ward Cllr Chowns joined the meeting.

2018/100 Ward Councillor Report
Ward Cllr Chowns was pleased to report that her first motion to council for a “Sustainable Development Partnership” had been passed.
Her Ward next ward surgeries will be on 7th September at The Chase Inn and Green Dragon
for Bishops Frome and 7th December in The Wheatsheaf Inn and Majors Arms for Fromes Hill. Both will be evening surgeries 8-10pm.

104.3 Play Area and surrounding field – Cllr Partridge confirmed that he had received the new dog bin and bags to fit it and he will arrange for it to be installed. He has also received the new chains which are due to be installed.
Cllr Partridge reported that on inspection of the Zip Wire seat, it appeared that there had been no further damage so he would therefore arrange for the new seat to be fitted.
The Treasurer, Clerk and Cllr Partridge reported a problem with litter again, particularly in and around the Play Area. It was agreed that it was probably due to a lot of use of the facilities over the school holidays. They confirmed that they had picked up a lot of the litter but the problem was not helped by the fact that the bin was overflowing. Cllr Mrs Roberts said that she would speak to Miss Eaton and request that more regular checks of the area were made and the bins were emptied more regularly.
The issue of church flowers being in the dog bin was again raised and Cllr Pudge agreed to communicate with the Church regarding this.
104.4 Community Garden – At the last meeting Cllr Hydes thought he might know someone willing to take on the community garden. As he was not present, Cllrs agreed to see what he had to report before looking at other options.

2018/105 Sports Committee Report
105.1 Bromyard Football Club proposal for advertising boards including revenue split and Football Club signage at the Pavilion – Following Bromyard Football Clubs request to put up signs and advertising boards at the Sports facilities, Cllr Pudge had contacted the Eveson Trust for consent. He had received confirmation that the trustees had no objections subject to the boards being acceptable to the Parish Council and there being no problem for neighbours.
Cllrs considered that advertising boards of a standard size, no higher than the surrounding fence and attached to the fence facing inwards would be acceptable.
It was agreed that the Sports Committee should meet with Bromyard FC to explain what would be acceptable to the Parish Council regarding the advertising boards.
The Sports Committee were also tasked with finding out more about the entrance sign proposal in order to report back to the Parish Council at the next meeting.
Cllrs were not however happy for a large Bromyard FC sign to be put on the building.

2018/106 GDPR
The Clerk confirmed that she was still working through the action plan and was looking in to replacement locks for the cabinets.

2018 107 Footpaths Officer Report
Cllr Ms Sincock advised that she had met with Paul Hunter from Balfour Beatty regarding the “Filly Brook” footpath. He confirmed that there was no public footpath through what was common land but he is exploring options via Hereford Council.

2018/108 To note the information sheet and date of next meeting
The Clerk drew attention to the items on the information sheet and confirmed that the next meeting will be held at Bishops Frome Village Centre on Tuesday 11th September.

There being no other business, the meeting concluded at 21:00.