Minutes 17th January 2017


 Minutes of a meeting held at 7.30pm on Tuesday 17th January 2017 at Bishops Frome Village Centre.

Cllr Partridge (Chair), Cllr Pudge, Cllr Mrs Roberts, Cllr Parker, Cllr Ms Sincock, Cllr Nash, Cllr Guise.
Mr Brooman, the Council’s Treasurer was also present.

2017/1 To receive apologies for absence
Apologies had been received from Cllr Hydes and Local Cllr Mrs Morgan.
Cllr Marshall was not present.

2017/2 To receive declarations of interest and written requests for dispensation
Cllr Partridge declared an interest in agenda item 2017/6.1 as owner of the garage to which the invoice was to be paid. An entry was made in the register and signed by Cllr Partridge.

2017/3 To adopt the minutes of the previous meeting
A copy of the draft minutes had been circulated to all councillors prior to the meeting. They were accepted as a true record and signed by Cllr Partridge (Chair).

2017/4 Public Participation
There were no members of the public present.

2017/5 Neighbourhood Plan
Cllr Pudge advised that although he had spoken on the telephone to Mr Preece he had been unable to arrange a meeting due to Mr Preece being unwell. However, Mr Preece has recommended a couple of other people who may be able to help move things forward so that the plan can be referred back to Hereford Council. Cllr Pudge is contacting them to see if they can help and check how much this will cost. He advised that the time for spending the latest grant money had elapsed and £1770.20 had been returned. He will apply for another grant to cover the expert’s costs and referendum costs.

2017/6 Finance
Copies of the Council’s accounts had been issued to councillors prior to the meeting. Mr Brooman highlighted the current position.
There were three outstanding invoices which Mr Brooman asked permission to pay:-
6.1 Diesel – BC Partridge £33.33
6.2 Sports Field rental – Sunderlands – £350.00
6.3 Litter picking – P Eaton £100.80
Cllrs agreed that they could all be paid.
6.4 The Council discussed the possibility of Garden Waste sacks being available in the Community Shop in Bishops Frome. The Clerk advised that they are unlikely to be available from Bromyard after March, but will still be available from Ledbury. Cllrs thought a local stock would be a good idea to benefit the community but it was felt that the initial outlay of £180 to purchase stock may be too much for the shop. Cllrs therefore agreed to pay for the initial stock. The Clerk said she would arrange to collect the initial supply and also speak to someone at the shop in Fromes Hill to see if they would like to hold a small supply.

2017/7 Allowances Scheme for Parish and Town Councillors.
A document regarding allowances for councillors had been circulated prior to the meeting for councillor’s consideration. The Clerk explained that any allowances paid would be from the Councils own precept. No councillors present were interested in receiving any allowances.

2017/8 Planning
143.1 P163017/F Land to the rear of Wheatsheaf Inn, The Stables, Fromes Hill, Ledbury, Hfds
Proposed conversion of former stables and agricultural barn to form single self-contained dwelling unit.
Hereford Council decision – Approved with conditions

2017/9 Hereford Council Local Flood Risk Management Consultation
Prior to the meeting a copy of the consultation document had been circulated to councillors for consideration. The Clerk gave a summary of the main points and asked if councillors wished to give any feedback to Hereford Council. After a discussion, councillors decided they did not wish to make any comment to Hereford Council.

2017/10 Neighbourhood Watch Scheme
The Clerk advised that she has made contact with Paul Crumpton, Rural Business & Cyber Crime Reduction Co-Ordinator and he is happy to come and address a Parish Council Meeting with regard to Neighbourhood Watch. Councillors felt this may be something for the Annual Parish Meeting. The Clerk agreed to arrange this when a date for this meeting has been confirmed.
The Clerk also advised that she had the names of our Community Support Officers and councillors felt they would like to invite them to a Parish Council Meeting to introduce themselves. This will be arranged when the meeting dates for the year ahead have been agreed.

2017/11 Red Cross Support at Home Service
A letter has been received from the new Red Cross Service Manager for Independent Living Services in Worcestershire and Herefordshire, wanting to remind us of their Support at Home Service. The Clerk ran through the main points of information and councillors decided that an article should be placed in the Valley News to raise awareness in the community.

2017/12 Balfour Beatty Annual Plan 2017/2018 drop-in session
The Clerk advised councillors that she and Mr Brooman had attended this event. The main messages to come from the session particularly relevant to this locality are:-
1) Balfour Beatty are unlikely to be carrying out any amenity grass cutting this year, and will certainly not be doing any next year.
2) They hope to continue flood action such as gully cleaning, finances permitting.
3) They are hoping for an injection of capital from the government for road resurfacing to reduce the need for so much maintenance.
The Clerk explained that she had asked about the Village Gateway for Bishops Frome for which s.106 money is available and had subsequently been contacted by Robin Quant regarding the matter. Having explained to him the traffic calming requested, it was apparent that £2000.00 will not go very far. He suggested speaking to a councillor from Bosbury for advice on how they obtained their gates as they were able to source them themselves more cost effectively than getting them through Balfour Beatty. Any works we have done ourselves will be subject to a safety inspection by Balfour Beatty. Cllr Pudge said that he would speak to one of the Bosbury councillors.

2017/13 Fromes Hill Report
Cllr Pudge reported that things had not really moved forward since the last meeting. The Fromes Hill Field Committee are waiting for the transferors to sign the letter of agreement and then a surveyor will be instructed to assess if there is any uplift in the value of the land from the development of the turning circle.

2017/14 Bishops Frome Report
14.1 Update on garages at Summerpool – Cllr Partridge told councillors that he had contacted Festival Housing and they were going to send someone out to inspect the garages as a matter of urgency. He is awaiting the outcome of the inspection.
14.2 Update on dog fouling – Cllr Guise confirmed that he had been in touch with the Community Protection Officer and had put up notices showing the phone number for members of the public to contact if they witness someone not cleaning up after their dog. There are no longer dog wardens, but if a lot of complaints are received at the Community Protection Team, they will send people out to try to monitor what is happening.
14.3 Cracking Wall – Cllr Partridge advised councillors that he had been approached by members of the public concerned about the large crack in the wall at the entrance to Broadfield Close. Several councillors were also aware of the crack. As the wall belongs to a private property, councillors asked the Clerk to send a letter to the occupiers explaining their concerns.
Cllr Pudge drew attention to the extension and improvement works being carried out to the Community Shop in Bishops Frome. Having inspected the shop’s accounts and bearing in mind this is a community run facility, he wanted councillors to consider a grant towards the works. Cllrs agreed this matter should be put on the next agenda for consideration.

2017/15 Sports Committee Report
Mr Brooman advised councillors that he had sent an invoice to Bromyard Football Club for the rental of the facilities for the final quarter of 2016 and was awaiting payment.
Cllr Partridge suggested a meeting be arranged of the Sports Committee and Bromyard Football Club in the spring. Cllr Nash agreed to arrange.

2017/16 Footpaths Officer Report
Cllr Ms Sincock advised that she had been asked by Cathy Berkeley of Balfour Beatty to check footpath 34 &34a for way markers and she was arranging for this to be done.

To note the information sheet and date of next meeting
The Clerk drew attention to items on the information sheet.
The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 14th February at Bishops Frome Village Centre.
There being no other business the meeting concluded at 20.45.