Minutes 17th May 2016

Minutes of Bishops Frome and Fromes Hill Parish Council Meeting 17th May 2016

2016/53 To adopt the minutes of the previous meeting
The minutes of the previous meeting had been circulated to all councillors prior to the meeting. They were accepted as a true record and signed by the Chairman.

2016/54 Neighbourhood Plan
54.1 To receive an update on the progress of the Neighbourhood Plan – The draft plan has been completed and was submitted to Herefordshire Council for comments. After a long wait the plan has now been returned with comments for action. The Parish Council agreed that the amendments should be made and the plan resubmitted – Reg 14 stage.

2016/55 Website
55.1 To receive an update on progress of website and discuss information to be put on the website – The Clerk confirmed that the website has now been set up (bishopsfromeparishcouncil.co.uk) and that she and the Treasurer had been for their initial training. Information now needs to be gathered to be put on the website. Minutes of meetings are in the process of being added to the site. The names of councillors will be added to the site and a list is being compiled of useful information such as nearest shop, café, Doctors and so on. In time the Neighbourhood Plan will be added as well as a map of the local footpaths.

2016/56 Finance
56.1 Discuss plans for Play Area – Councillors agreed to defer this item to 60.1.
56.2 Discuss Bank Account arrangements – The Treasurer spoke about the Parish Council banking arrangements. He explained that Unity Trust, the Council’s current bankerwere commencing charges from June on all accounts. This would cost the Council £17.00 per month as we have three accounts. At the same time they are ceasing paying credit interest.
In March, agenda reference 29.5 it was resolved that the old NatWest account be closed and paperwork was therefore submitted for this to take place. He advised that the NatWest had not acted upon this instruction. After researching with various banks the options for Parish Council accounts he proposed that we keep the NatWest account open and transfer all funds from Unity Trust in to it and just have the one account. The NatWest does not charge and does pay a small amount of credit interest.
He explained that at the moment the Sports account requires 3 signatories so this would need to change to 2 if all funds were to be in the same account. Councillors agreed that now the sports committee was run solely by Parish Councillors this would be acceptable.
The finances for the sports committee would continue to be shown separately for accounting purposes.
The Treasurer explained that the signatories needed to be updated and passed the relevant forms round to councillors for completion.
It was agreed that the newest councillor would not be signatory and they would complete the account checks.
56.3 Discuss rates of pay for litter picking – the Treasurer explained that Pam Eaton submitted a bill for litter picking based on a rate equal to the living wage ie. £7.20 per hour. Councillors confirmed that this was acceptable and agreed for payment to be made.
The Treasurer had several invoices for payment and asked permission to pay them. Councillors agreed for payments to be made as follows:-

56.4 BC Partridge – Diesel – £25.00
56.5 P Eaton – Litter picking – £115.20
56.6 R V Brooman – Treasurers expenses 2015/2016 – £11.63
56.7 R F Brooman – Clerks expenses 2015/2016 – £64.20
56.8 A Grant application towards cost of churchyard maintenance at St Matthews Church, Fromes Hill had been received. After discussion, councillors agreed that a grant of £500.00 be made.

2016/57 Planning
57.1 P/161147/F Batchfield Farm, Bishops Frome, WR6 5BS
Cllr Partridge confirmed that he had visited neighbouring properties and there were no objections. Cllrs present had no objections.
57.2 Midway Lifestyle Express Convenience Store, 10 Fromes Hill Services, Fromes Hill, HR8 1HT
Application for license to sell/supply alcohol.
This application had been sent to Cllr Nash & Cllr Marshall for action, neither of whom were present at the meeting. Cllrs present had no objections.

2016/58 Council Records
The Clerk confirmed that she had now sorted through most of the papers received from the previous Clerk’s home, although a message had been received that a few more records had turned up. There are still some old records in the office in the village centre and the Clerk was asked to look through these too.

2016/59 Fromes Hill Report
59.1 Update on land – following the last meeting, St Matthew’s Church Fromes Hill is believed to be being separating from Castle Frome. Once this is done, they will be able to make progress with the land separation. It was agreed that a meeting of the Fromes Hill Field Management Committee should be arranged to clarify the situation.
59.2 Defibrillator – (the Clerk made an apology, as this item should appear under the Bishops Frome heading). Cllr Pudge had left a message to say that the Masons had obtained a defibrillator which is to be installed outside Bishops Frome Village Centre. A box to put it in on the wall has been ordered. There will be a small amount of electricity required to run it and Cllrs agreed a small subsidy could be made toward the Village Centre electricity bill if necessary. It is also believed that the football team may have a defibrillator inside the sports pavilion. The sports committee agreed to check on this.

2016/60 Bishops Frome Report
60.1 Update on Play Area- as agreed at the last meeting, the Clerk had obtained 3 quotes for refurbishing the existing multi-play unit and swings, replacing the rockers, removing tiles and replacing with a wet pour surface and introducing an Ariel Runway and Basket Swing to the grass area outside the existing play area for the older children. After consideration and discussion, councillors favoured the quotes provided by “Play & Leisure”. They decided to proceed on the basis of quote option 2 but asked the Clerk to first check if it would be possible to remove the tiles and rockers independently, saving £3440.00.

2016/61 Sports Committee Report
61.1 Hire of facilities – a request had been received to hire the sports field to erect a marquee for a wedding reception on 01/07/2017. Councillors agreed to this and provisionally suggested a hire charge of £700.00.

2016/62 Footpaths Officer Report
Cllr Ms Sincock, confirmed that 2 of the 3 areas of concern previously reported had now been resolved, however she had today received a message from Cathy Berkeley reporting another 11 areas for investigation.

2016/63 To note the information sheet and dates of meetings to year end
The Clerk drew attention to items on the information sheet.
Cllrs agreed to continue with monthly meetings on the third Tuesday of the month.

There being no other business, the meeting concluded at 22.00.
Dates of meetings for the remainder of 2016