Minutes 21st June 2016

Minutes of a meeting held at 7.30pm on Tuesday 21st June 2016 at St Matthew’s Church, Fromes Hill

Cllr Partridge (Chair), Cllr Marshall, Cllr Parker, Cllr Nash, Cllr Guise and Local Councillor Mrs P Morgan
Mr Brooman, the Council’s Treasurer was also present.

2016/64 To receive apologies for absence
Apologies had been received from Cllr Ms Sincock, Cllr Pudge, Cllr Hydes and Cllr Mrs Roberts.

2016/65 To receive declarations of interest and written requests for dispensation
Cllr Partridge declared an interest in agenda items 69.3 and 69.4 as owner of the garage to which these bills are to be paid.

2016/66 To adopt the minutes of the previous meeting
A copy of the draft minutes had been circulated to all councillors prior to the meeting. They were accepted as a true record and signed by Cllr Partridge (Chair).

2016/67 Public Participation
There were no members of the public present.

2016/68 Neighbourhood Plan
68.1 To receive an update on the Neighbourhood Plan – The recommended amendments to the draft plan have now been completed and the Reg 14 Consultation Final Draft has been submitted to Hereford Council for assessment.

2016/69 Finance
A copy of the Council’s Statement of Account had been issued to all councillors prior to the meeting. Mr Brooman, the Council’s Treasurer, explained the council’s current financial position and handed out a copy of the budget expenditure year to date.
Mr Brooman confirmed that Unity Trust had transferred the funds to NatWest. He also stated that NatWest had asked for additional information from Cllr Ms Sincock and Cllr Hydes and they had both been made aware of this and received the relevant forms for completion.
There were a number of invoices outstanding and Councillors agreed that these should all be paid:

69.1 Eyelid Productions Ltd –Setting up of Website – £500.00
69.2 HALC – Audit Answers training course for Treasurer – £30.00
69.3 BC Partridge – mower repairs – £1083.65
69.4 B C Partridge – Diesel £140.00
69.5 R F Brooman – Clerks salary (April – June 2016)
69.6 R V Brooman – Treasurers Honorarium (April – June 2016)
69.8 Dwelling information for Neighbourhood Plan – £23
69.9 Data Protection Registration fee £35.00
69.10 Sunderlands – Sports Field rental – £350

69.7 Revised Play Area quotation with separate repainting quote –
There was a discussion regarding item 69.7 and after considering the revised quotation, Cllrs agreed that the Play Area upgrade should proceed on the basis of quotation reference PL5236/7295/4 Option 2 from Play & Leisure and the separate painting quotation from Hamish Ellwood Painting Services.

2016/70 Planning
70.1 P161330/F Mabley, Bishops Frome, WR6 5BS
Cllr Partridge confirmed that he had spoken to neighbours and there were no objections. Cllrs present had no objections to this application.
70.2 P161556/FH Field House, Bishops Frome WR6 5AP
Cllr Partridge confirmed that he had received no objections from the neighbours he had spoken to. Cllrs present had no objections.
70.3 P142176/F Land adjacent Broadfield Close, Bishops Frome
The Clerk advised councillors that she had just heard that this application had been refused.

2016/71 To discuss adoption of latest revisions of:
71.1 Standing Orders and,
71.2 Financial Regulations
The Clerk had drawn up draft Standing Orders and Financial Regulations which she had circulated to councillors for consideration prior to the meeting. Councillors confirmed they had read the drafts and were happy with the content. It was therefore agreed that these Standing Orders and Financial Regulations be adopted.

2016/72 Fromes Hill Report
72.1 Update on land following a meeting of the Field Management Committee on 06/06/2016. Cllr Partridge reported that things were moving slowly with the land and a quotation had been obtained for development of the turning circle of £8267.52. Cllrs felt this seemed a lot of money and at the moment the Parish Council was not in a position to finance this. It was also felt that the Church part of the land should be legally separated away before the turning circle is created. Parish Council representatives on the Field Management Committee agreed to report this back to the Committee and also to find out how much money the Village Hall Trust has to contribute to the turning circle. The next meeting of the Field Management Committee is 27/06/2016.

2016/73 Bishops Frome Report
73.1 Play Area – see 69.7
73.2 Parking Issues – an email had been received from Ray Wallace regarding an outstanding parking issue on the corner outside the old post office/shop. He had been advised that this was no longer an issue. Cllrs were asked to report if there were any other parking issues. Cllr Partridge raised the difficulties caused by vehicles parking opposite the church on both sides of the road and the Clerk agreed to feed this back. The Clerk reported that she was also chasing Hereford Council regarding the traffic calming element of the s.106 agreement.
73.3 Update on Defibrillators – no update since last meeting
73.4 Dog Bins – Cllr Guise expressed concern that some dog owners were not clearing up after their dogs, particularly near the stream at the bottom of the old cricket pitch and at the bottom of the football field. There are no dog bins in these areas. The possibility of obtaining more dog bins was discussed but the Clerk advised that when this was last raised with Balfour Beatty they were not able to service any more dog bins. She agreed to look in to this again and see what the current position is.
The Clerk reported that she had also received invoices for the servicing of dog bins which were outstanding from 2014. They had originally been sent to the previous clerk, Martin Field but had not been presented to the Council meetings for payment. There are 6 outstanding invoices, each for £154.08, making a total of £924.48 owed. There has been no allowance for this in the budget and Cllrs asked the Clerk to make contact with Balfour Beatty to see if an arrangement for payments could be made.

2016/74 Sports Committee Report
74.1 Payments from Bromyard Football Club – The Treasurer confirmed that the outstanding payment for the first quarter had now been received, and he was raising an invoice for the second quarter’s payment. The delay had been caused by the Football Team changing banks.
74.2 Wedding Hire Update – Cllr Partridge confirmed that a fee had been agreed of £300.00, but this included a £100.00 refundable deposit assuming the facilities are left in good order. He has requested a letter confirming the booking together with a £100.00 deposit.

2016/75 Footpaths Officer Report
The Clerk had received an update from Cllr Ms Sincock regarding the footpaths which she read to the Cllrs. Good progress is being made with clearance of the footpaths and repairing of stiles.

2016/76 To note the information sheet and confirm date of next meeting
The Clerk drew attention to the items on the information sheet and confirmed that the next meeting will be held at St Matthews Church, Fromes Hill on Tuesday 19th July 2016.

There being no other business, the meeting concluded at 20.45.