Minutes 24th July 2016

Chairman’s Report 2016

Over the past year our Parish council has made efforts to attract members with helpful skills and to also have members from the different districts of the Holmer and Shelwick. With the exception of Shelwick and Meadow Park we have we have made progress.

For a short time we had a full membership of nine parish councillors – a first in our history. However, we have since lost Dawn Arbuthnot who was much valued for her work on the burial ground. We now have what is known as a causal vacancy and we’re hoping the elusive Shelwick or, the newest addition to our parish, Meadow Park might assistant us on the Parish Council.


Our current membership
Myself Mark Millmore from Holmer Coldwells Road Chairman
Marc Mohan Holmer Church Way our new Vice Chairman
Kerry Sheldon the Furlongs
Jane Davies Roman Road
Neil Jenkins Wentworth Park
Neil Duggan Holmer Coldwells Road
Sally Robertson

who lives just outside the parish and has worked alongside us for many years as a ward councillor, she also is much valued for her considerable experience and insight in the workings of local government.
Angela Tyler also lives just outside the parish – her many years as a planning officer brings significant benefit to parish council meetings.
Both Angela and sally have past and present family history within our parish
Communication with Parishioners and the Transparency Code
The parish council’s engagement with local people has vastly improved over the past few years and this is due in no small part to the effectiveness of the Website. On average we have between 300 – 400 people visiting the website each month and together they view on average over 1000 pages.