Minutes 8th January 2019


Minutes of a meeting held at 7.30pm on Tuesday 8th January 2019 at Bishops Frome Village Centre

Present: Cllr Partridge, Cllr Guise, Cllr Parker and Cllr Mrs Sevastopulo
Mr Brooman, the Council’s Treasurer was also present.

In the absence of Cllr Nash, the Chairman, the Vice Chairman, Cllr Partridge took the Chair.

2019/1 To receive apologies for absence
Apologies had been received from Cllr Mrs Roberts, Cllr Pudge, Cllr Ms Sincock, Cllr Hydes and Cllr Nash.

2019/2 To receive declarations of interest and written requests for dispensation
Cllr Partridge declared an interest in Agenda items 2019/5.3 and 5.4. An entry was made in the register and signed by Cllr Partridge.

2019/3 To adopt the minutes of the previous meeting
A copy of the draft minutes had been circulated to all councillors prior to the meeting. They were accepted as a true record and signed by Cllr Partridge (Vice Chairman).

2019/4 Public Participation
There were no members of the public present.

2019/5 Finance
5.1 Assertion 5 – We carried out an assessment of the risks facing this authority and took appropriate steps to manage those risks, including the introduction of internal controls and/or external insurance cover where required. The Treasurer explained procedures in place and councillors agreed that this Council meets the measures required for this assertion. The Treasurer also spoke about additional measures he is bringing in following his recent training course.
The Treasurer asked councillors to consider payment of the outstanding invoices:

5.2 P Eaton – Litter Picking – £125.28
5.3 B C Partridge – 4 hours mowing – £32.00
5.4 B C Partridge – Diesel – £20.00
5.5 HALC – Website hosting and Domain name – £50.00
5.6 Signs & Labels Hereford Ltd – Sports Pavilion Entrance Signs – £276.00
5.7 Sunderlands – Sports Field rent – £350.00
Cllrs agreed that all outstanding invoices could be paid.

5.8 Renew agreement to continue to pay Clerks Salary, Treasurers Honorarium and PAYE payments between meetings. In January 2016 it was agreed that the Clerk and Treasurer should receive their payments between meetings as the payment dates were not falling at the right times for meetings and it was affecting the PAYE payments also. Cllrs agreed that payment between meetings should continue.
5.9 Treasurers feedback from Audit training at HALC. The Treasurer advised Cllrs of some slight changes needed with the financial reports following the appointment of PFK Littlejohns as the external auditors.

2019/6 Planning
2019/6.1 P183996/F Fromes Hill Services, Fromes Hill, HR8 1HT
Proposed replacement of prefabricated structures with new building
to accommodate existing cafe and hairdressers.
This property was not visited by a councillor and comments were not therefore made.

2019/6.2 P184188/F Peartree and Plumtree House, Fromes Hill, HR8 1HT
Construction of two storey extension to link two existing dwelling
houses. The site is currently two separate houses providing care and
accommodation for 3 children in each dwelling. Together with internal
alterations to the existing buildings, the extension will enable the creation
of a single children’s home that will be able to accommodate 8 children,
and provide improved facilities for them.
This property was not visited by a councillor therefore no comments were made.

2019/6.3 P184360/F & P184361/L Dovehills, Bishops Frome, WR6 5BQ
Proposed restoration, alteration and link extension together with
conversion of stone barn to residential use. Part demolition of modern
Listed building consent and Planning permission.
This property was visited by Cllr Pudge. There were no objections and Cllrs agreed that this application should be supported.

2019/6.4 P184365/F Wellington Farm, Bishops Frome, WR6 5BY
Proposed agricultural muck store.
Cllr Ms Sincock visited this site and reported no objections but a couple of queries were raised which have since been discussed with the applicant and settled. Cllrs agreed to support this application.

2019/6.5 P184368/F Greenfields, Fromes Hill, HR8 1HR
Proposed extensions, alterations and improvements.
This property was not visited by a councillor and therefore no comments were made.

2019/6.6 P181827/A The Hop Pocket, Bishops Frome, WR6 5BT
Planning Re-Consultation re signage – also see 2018/72.1
Cllr Partridge looked in to this amendment and there were no objections to the signs.

2019/6.7 P184363/F Filly Brook, Bishops Frome, WR6 5BY
Single storey side extension to form garden room.
Cllr Ms Sincock looked at this application and heard no objections. Cllrs discussed the application and agreed to support it.

2019/6.8 P184479/F & P1884480/L Warriners Cottage, Bishops Frome, WR6 5AU
Single storey extension to link existing buildings.
Listed building consent and planning permission.
Cllr Guise visited this site and heard no objections. Cllrs discussed the application and agreed to support it.

2019/6.9 P184420/F Meadow View, Bishops Frome WR6 5BP
Proposed kitchen extension and internal works
Cllr Guise spoke to several neighbours, none of whom had any objections. Cllrs discussed the application and agreed to support it.

The Clerk was asked to update the Council’s comments on the planning website.

Ward Cllr Chowns joined the meeting.

2019/7 Ward Councillor Report
Ward Councillor Chowns advised councillors that she had been out on the road with a gang dealing with pothole repairs. She also confirmed that “clustering” ie. repairing several potholes which are close together at the same time, was being pushed as a way of dealing with the repairs.
Since November, there have been 4 more accidents at Ridgeway Cross and this is being monitored.
Cllr Guise reported that he had been asked for ID when carrying out a planning inspection. Cllrs agreed this was a valid point and Ward Cllr Chowns agreed to enquire if this had come up before and if there was provision for Parish Council ID cards.

2019/8 Ward SID Scheme
Cllr Guise and the Clerk gave some feedback to Cllrs about possible ways forward with the SID scheme and it was agreed that Cllrs would give the matter consideration. Cllr Guise agreed to gather more information to present possible ways forward at the next meeting.

Ward Cllr Chowns left the meeting.

2019/9 Fromes Hill Report
9.1 Update on Fromes Hill Field – Cllr Partridge reported that there has been another delay regarding the Church and the Diocese which he felt they needed to sort out between themselves. Cllrs agreed that we should take no further action at the moment.

2019/10 Bishops Frome Report
10.1 Grit bin for Parsonage Crescent – the Clerk reported that a response had been received from HALC regarding the provision of a grit bin for a private estate. There is a possibility that the Parish Council could consider providing a grit bin but the funds would have to come from Section 137 monies and would therefore be limited. However there are several considerations, who would own the bin, would the PC own it or donate it to the residents, who would be responsible for filling it and maintaining it? Would this then set a precedence for other estates who might want a grit bin? HALC’s advice therefore, is to consider very carefully if this is the best use of public money. Cllrs discussed the matter and felt it was really up to the residents to get together and provide and fill their own bin. The possibility of sighting a bin off the estate and on the highway was dismissed.
10.2 Update on signs – the village welcome signs for Bishops Frome have now been installed.
10.3 Village centre change of status – the Clerk confirmed that she had received no contact from anyone on the Village Centre Committee following the sending of the letter asking them not to proceed with their application for change of status. Cllr Partridge reported that he had been visited by a representative from the Village Centre querying the Parish Council position, which he explained and they said they would feedback to the Village Centre Committee at their next meeting. Cllr Pudge has a solicitor looking at ensuring the land is registered.

It had been drawn to the Council’s attention that one of the trees behind the Play Area was rotten. Cllr Partridge and Cllr Parker agreed to take a look and remove the tree.
There is also a hawthorn bush further up the field which has grown wild and become a dumping ground for rubbish. Cllr Partridge and Cllr Parker agreed to chop this back too.
Cllr Partridge also advised that he is gradually filling in some of the dips with top soil to make it easier for mowing.

2019/11 Sports Committee Report
11.1 Update on entrance signs – the signs are ready and awaiting installation. Cllr Partridge agreed to arrange to install the signs.
Cllr Partridge advised Cllrs that the cricket team making enquiries about using the facilities in the summer had been back in touch and wish to come along for a chat and to check out the pitch and discuss a way forward.

There have been reports of joy riders spinning round on hand break turns in the carpark. This will be monitored.

2019/12 GDPR
The Clerk reported that progress with the old records had been made but there was still work to do.

2019/13 To note the information sheet and dates of meetings for the year ahead
The Clerk drew attention to the information sheet and confirmed that meetings will continue to be held on the second Tuesday of the month. A schedule for the year ahead is attached to theses minutes.

There being no other business the meeting concluded at 20:50.


Bishops Frome Parish Council Meetings 2019

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All meetings will take place at Bishops Frome Village Centre with the exception of June and July which will be held at St Matthews Church, Fromes Hill.


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