Minutes January 2021


Minutes of a meeting held remotely via Zoom at 7.30pm on Tuesday 12 January 2021

Present: Cllr Nash (Chair), Cllr Partridge, Cllr J Pudge, Cllr M Pudge, Cllr W Pudge,
Cllr (Ms) Sincock, Cllr J Parker, Cllr S Fallas and Cllr Morel
Also County Councillor Ellie Chowns
The Clerk – Nicola Carless
2021/001 To receive apologises for absence
It was noted that Cllr C Sincock would join the meeting at 8pm.

2021/002 Declarations of interest
a) To receive declarations of interest from councillors on items on the agenda
b) To receive written requests for dispensations for disclosable pecuniary interests (if any)
c) To grant any requests for dispensation as appropriate

Cllr R Partridge declared an interest in item 2021/006.3 and would not take part in any voting

2021/003 Suspend standing orders to allow members of the public to speak
No members of the public joined the call

2021/004 Report from County Councillor – Ellie Chowns
Cllr Chowns noted the ongoing speeding issues at Fromes Hill and that she had been advised that speed monitoring could not take place in the current national lockdown situation due to the unrepresentative volume of traffic. Councillors advised her that traffic seemed to be at normal volume so she offered to discuss the monitoring again and would feedback to the Clerk. She also confirmed that no progress had been made on the 106 monies.
Cllr Chowns confirmed that many Council meetings had taken place as a new CEO was being appointed as well as the results of the recent traffic consultation had been considered. The consultation showed that a proposed bypass for Hereford would not be an efficient way to spend money as the majority of traffic was not through traffic so money would be spent more wisely by improving public transport and improving walking and cycling routes. She also confirmed that Herefordshire Council was going to build social housing which would number 2,500 and be carbon neutral. It was confirmed that the Council would be working with local colleges to develop local building skills especially around carbon neutral technology.
Cllr Chowns brought to Councillors attention the current consultations on the Council’s budget and the waste collection service which was due to be retendered.
Cllr Nash stated that if cycling is to be encouraged then potholes maintenance must be a priority.

2021/005 To adopt the minutes of the previous meeting held on 10 November 2020
These were accepted as a true record of proceedings and would be signed by the Chairman when circumstances allowed.

2021/006 Finance
006.1 Bank Reconciliation
The Clerk went through the reconciliation for the month that had been circulated to Councillors.

The Council approved the payment of the following and arrangements were made for cheques to be signed.
006.2 npower – sports pavilion – £100.12 via direct debit on 16.12.2020
006.3 B.C Partridge – fuel for grass cutting – £117.38, an additional invoice for £18.32 had been received since the agenda was issued so the Council agreed to pay £135.70 in total
006.4 Sunderlands – sports ground at Bishops Frome – rent – £350.00
006.5 N Carless – 12 months zoom subscription – £119.90 plus £23.98 VAT

Cllr C Sincock joined the meeting at this point

2021/007 Planning
Councillors noted the following
007.1 Decisions made since last meeting
P202922/FH – Cheyney Court, Bishops Frome – proposed infill extension, new roof and new windows and doors to single storey rear wing. New roof and new openings to existing outbuilding
– Approved under delegated powers no restrictions
P202859/FH – Groves Hemp cottage, Acton Beauchamp – extension to ground floor sitting room and first floor bedroom, relocation of front porch
– Approved with conditions around hours of work
P203032/L – Rhea House, Bishops Frome – repair works to concrete floor on ground floor
– Approved no conditions
P192223 – The Garage, Bishops Frome – proposed single dwelling house ( dated 21.6.2019, refused on 4.9.2019) Appeal decision
– Appeal was dismissed.
P203987/XA2 – The Farm, Paunton, Bishops Frome – change of use to an equestrian use and creation of equestrian menage
– Resubmission of P193134, approved with requirement for ecology studies

007.2 Plans considered by Councillors since last meeting
P203729 – Rhea House, Bishops Frome – proposed conversion and extension to outbuilding to form new kitchen and family room and new porch to rear entrance
– Bishops Frome PC raised no objections
P190153 – Snailsbank Cottage, Snails Bank, Bishops Frome – erection of a porch adjoining an existing building
– Bishops Frome PC raised no objections
P203587 – Dovehills Farm, Bishops Frome – proposed ground array pipes system for a new GSHP installation
– Bishops Frome PC made no comment

007.3 Plans for consideration
The following was noted
P21009/XA2 – the Majors Arms, Fromes Hill – replacement of a timber domestic extension with masonry extension
This was a resubmission of P191141, this application will be considered under delegated powers and no comments will be accepted.

2021/008 Correspondence
008.1 correspondences for reference
The attached document was noted by Council
008.2 correspondences for consideration
Dream your Future Counselling – Marie Gill – request for financial support for training
The Council agreed not to support this application on this occasion. The Clerk was asked to find the Council’s policy on making donations.

Letter from resident of Fromes Hill re-speeding
This was not available.

New revised Electoral Register
The Clerk was aksed to apply for a copy.

Request from Bishops Frome PCC to hold carol in the car park on 16.12.2020
This was for the Council to note as permission had been given.

Right Tree in the Right Place
Cllr Fallas tabled this report for note

Herefordshire Budget Consultation
Cllr Fallas tabled this report for note

2021/009 Fromes Hill Report
The clerk reported a call she had received from a resident who was concerned about teenagers having nothing to do around the village. The Council thought that the proposed play area should have equipment suitable for a wide range of age groups.

2021/010 Bishops Frome Report
010.1 Bishops Frome Village Centre change of status
The minutes of a meeting held on 1.12.2020 between members of the Parish Council and Village Centre management committee was circulated.
Cllr J Pudge considered that the Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) should be an association not a foundation. He thought this would give the Trustees liability protection as well as giving the community a greater say if required. An association would be more suited to a membership organisation. Cllr A Morel said there a Village centre committee meeting on 14.1.2021 where all suggestions would be discussed.
010.2 Reporting to Council re-hole appearing in sports field by Cllr Caroline Sincock
Cllr C Sincock said that this hole was on the left hand side of the goal post. Welsh Water had investigated and said it wasn’t there responsibility. As the ground is rented from the Eveson Trust by the Parish Council, it was the Council’s responsibility to repair it. Cllr R Partridge reported that in the past a hole had appeared as the result of a movement of a land drain, he offered to ask a local groundsman to investigate and repair.
The Clerk had been copied into an email in which residents of Summerpool had complained about noise coming from the nearby industrial park outside of normal working hours. It was noted that some trees had been cut down recently which may have resulted in noise being heard now rather than a change of practise of the companies on the park. It was considered that this was a matter for the environmental health department of Herefordshire Council; this had been report to them.

2021/011 Sports Committee Report
There had been no meeting. Cllr R Partridge noted that the repair of the electrical box was still outstanding.

2021/012 Footpaths Officer Report
012.1 Accessibility for All – report from Cllr Caroline Sincock
Cllr C Sincock reported that the working parties of the accessibility groups had been quiet but Parish Councils were being encouraged to be proactive in replacing styles with galvanised kissing gates. Cllr C Sincock offered to find the cost of the suggested kissing gates compared to styles.
Cllr C Sincock brought to the Council’s attention the unsafe styles at either side of the field which were partially owned by the Parish Council at Fromes Hill. The Council agreed that in the short term as there was no stock going to be in the field the styles should be removed. Cllr R Partridge agreed to look at the longer term solution as part of the field development as the field gate would need to be retained to allow tractor access to the field.

2021/013 Community Resilience Plan
Cllr J Pudge had spoken to Herefordshire Council who had sent him guidance notes in producing a resilience plan. He had also put an article in the Valley News asking for volunteers who could step forward in emergency situations. Cllr J Pudge was working on a draft plan that he would put forward to Council for adoption.

Date of next meeting was confirmed as 9.2.2021.
The Clerk was asked to put together a meeting schedule and circulate to the Council.

The meeting closed at 9.33pm

Signed by Chairman Date

…………………………………………………….. …………………………..

Clerk Mrs Nicola Carless, Magstones, Westmere, Hanley Swan, Worcs, WR8 0DG. 01684 311615 – clerk@bishopsfromeparishcouncil.com

Bank Reconciliation as at 31 December 2020
Opening balance 1st April 2020 25,333.30
Plus Income as per cash book year to date as at 31.11.20 26,084.86
Income received in November 2020
Nat West – Interest 30.11.20 0.28
0.28 0.28
Income as per cash book as at 30.12.20 26,085.14
Payments year to date as at 30.11.20 20,841.46
Expenditure made in November 2020
npower 100.12
B C Partridge 117.38
Sunderlands 350.00
N Carless – zoom sub 143.88

Expenditure as per cash book 30.12.20 21,552.84
Balance as per latest bank statements as at 31.11.20
Current account 1.00
Reserve account 30,650.94
TOTAL 30,651.94
Less oustanding cheques – C Pinches 75.00

Signed: RFO Chairman