Minutes March 2021

Minutes of a meeting held remotely via Zoom at 7.30pm on Tuesday 9 March 2021

Present: Cllr Nash (Chair), Cllr Partridge, Cllr J Pudge, Cllr M Pudge, Cllr W Pudge,
Cllr (Ms) Sincock, Cllr S Fallas and Cllr Morel
Also County Councillor Ellie Chowns
The Clerk – Nicola Carless

2021/030 To receive apologies for absence
These were received from Cllr J Parker and it was noted that Cllr W Pudge would join the meeting at 8pm
2021/031 Declarations of interest
a) To receive declarations of interest from councillors on items on the agenda
b) To receive written requests for dispensations for disclosable pecuniary interests (if any)
c) To grant any requests for dispensation as appropriate

None were declared

2021/032 Suspend standing orders to allow members of the public to speak
Only Colin Jefferson was in attendance and spoke under 2021/034

2021/033 Report from County Councillor – Ellie Chowns
Cllr Chowns reported that there had been 2 Full Herefordshire Council meetings, during which there had been a debate about phosphate pollution in the Herefordshire watercourses. The Herefordshire Skills Board had been established, while Cllr Chowns had been reaching out to local businesses to identify any support that they required. She asked members to look at the refreshed Visit Herefordshire website. It was noted that the review of the Core Strategy plan had started along with the review of supplementary guidance.

2021/034 Update and future of the Community Garden from Colin Jefferson
Mr Jefferson reported to Council that the following work had taken place in the garden including addition of water butts, adding a hedge, removal of the old hop shed, establishing a compost area along with the installation of pagoda with hardstanding path. He had received many positive comments from residents.
Mr Jefferson thanked the Parish council for their financial support and the allocation of £700 from the 2020/21 budget, with that in mind he asked if the following invoices could be paid to cover the expenditure that had taken place during the last 12 months
£269.80 to Nigel Allan Box Company
£421.25 to himself
The Council agreed that cheques should be raised.
The Parish Council would consider at its April meeting the allocation of £1000 from the 2021/22 budget and the payment of a further 2 invoices.
Mr Jefferson noted that money had been spent on gardening tools and offered to draw up a list of their tool requirements in case any donations of surplus tools from the community could be made.

2021/035 To adopt the minutes of the previous meeting held on 9 February 2021
These were accepted as a true record of proceedings and would be signed by the Chairman when circumstances allowed.

2021/036 Finance
036.1 Bank Reconciliation
The Clerk went through the reconciliation for the month that had been circulated to Councillors
Payment of the following invoices was agreed
HMRC – clerk’s salary – £135
Russell Price Farm Service – hedge cutting at Frome Hill Field – £70
Eyelid production – website management – £100
HALC subscription for 2021/22 – £647.93
Welsh Water via direct debit – £16.40

2021/037 Planning
037.1 Decisions made since last meeting
P203857 – Dovehills Farm, Bishops Frome – proposed ground array pipes for a GSHP installation- approved with conditions
037.2 Plans for consideration
P210388 – Woodcroft Farm, Bosbury HR8 1QJ – proposed all weather turn out equestrian facility
Cllr S Fallas had looked at the application and had no concerns and considered the footpath would be better defined.
The Parish Council raised no objections to this application

2021/038 Correspondence
038.1 correspondences for reference
A list had been circulated
038.2 correspondences for consideration
The clerk had received a response from Platform Housing in which it outlined its policy on how houses were allocated. It was noted that reference was made to Worcestershire in their letter so the clerk was asked to reply pointing out that Bishops Frome was in Herefordshire
The clerk had received an email pointing out that a Census Support Centre would be operating from the Village centre
An email from Trading Standards had been sent asking the Council’s views if the current Public Spaces Protection Order for dogs should be extended. The Council agreed that it should be extended and to ask if Bishop’s Frome play area could be included.

2021/039 Assets of Community Value
Cllr S Fallas had circulated a report to Councillors suggesting that local facilities such as the public houses should be registered as Assets of the Community Value Regulations 2012. After discussion it was agreed that this could be considered by the Neighbourhood Plan group when the plan is reviewed in the future

2021/040 Fromes Hill Report
Report from a meeting of the Field Management Team
Notes from a preliminary meeting of the Field Management Team had been circulated. Cllr R Partridge had met with Richard Booth, Chairman of the group, and they had agreed to move the field gate back 20ft and its replacement, along with replacing the styles with kissing gates. Currently quotations were being gathered once received a meeting of the Management Group would be held. Cllr C Sincock offered to request quotations for the kissing gates. It was noted that the Frome’s Hill Village Hall Trust could donate £2K towards the cost.
Letting of mowing license on the Fromes Hill Field
Cllr R Partridge noted that only one application had been received, so would be accepted.
TRO application
The application document had been circulated to Councillors as Cllr E Chowns was encouraging the Parish Council to apply. Cllr S Fallas showed the Council a hand drawn map of Frome’s Hill area outlining proposed speed zones and a pedestrian crossing. The Council thought this could form the basis of a document that could be circulated in the area to gain agreement to these changes and so support any TRO application. It was thought that due to the current COVID restrictions circulation of such a document could not really take place until June, it was agreed to discuss this further with
Cllr Chowns.

2021/041 Bishops Frome Report
041.1 Bishops Frome Village Centre change of status
Cllr A Morel reported that the ACRE management model was being favoured by the committee. The Parish Council requested the ability to pass comment on the final constitution especially around the appointment of Trustees

2021/042 Footpaths Officer Report
Harps Lane designation
Information on the change of designation had been noted for reference

2021/043 Community Resilience Plan
Cllr J Pudge reported that he was still working on this plan

2021/044 Date of next meeting
This was confirmed at 13 April 2021

The meeting closed at 9.05pm

Bank Reconciliation as at 28 February 2021

Income as per cash book year to date as at 31.11.20 26,085.14
Income received in December 2020 and January 2021
Nat West – Interest 31.12.20 0.26
Nat West – Interest 31.01.21 0.24
Income as per cash book as at 30.01.21 26,085.64

Expenditure made in March 2021
HMRC 135.00
Welsh Water (DD) 16.40
Russell Price farm services – hedge 72.00
Eyelid productions – website 100.00
HALC membership 647.93
community garden

Expenditure as per cash book 08.03.21 23,082.49
Balance as per latest bank statements as at 31.01.21
Current account 1.00
Reserve account 29,846.74 at 1 Feb 21
TOTAL 29,847.74